December 7, 2007


I realized I left these items off my first post. They're also for sale on my etsy site. Come on over and getcha one!

his reversible apron reminds you of your grandmothers quilts. Both sides show antique flower patters with a handy pocket that's ready to hold anything you need to carry around with you in the kitchen! I am in love with these fabrics! Plus, they're cotton, so don't fret about throwing it in the wash. This apron fits any body type.

Deer's got you wrapped around his antler. Each card was hand drawn and painted individually, so variations in appearance should be expected. White card stock mounted on a tan card stock; blank inside. 4 cards in the set. Each card measures 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and comes with 4 blank envelopes.

No kidding. I'm no knitter.

I am trying to knit. 'Trying' is the key word. Some lovely ladies taught me how this past week (I know, I know, I'm way behind the learning curve) and now I spend most of my free time thinking about other ways to hold the needles so that I don't look so darn awkward. I woke up this morning half dreaming, half awake, brainstorming another way to fish the loop off the end of the needle.

That's kind of sad.

Maybe I can salvage this not-so-soon-to-be scarf with some felt appliqué and cute buttons...