January 17, 2008


{Speaking of "dearlings", you must.must.must read A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken. Get ready to drop everything, buy a sailboat, and live a life on the seas with your other half... or buy a cozy cottage in the fogy heart of London.}

We began this semester off right with everyone--down to the 3 year olds--studying printmaking. An option for the older guys was a relief work made out of puff paint. (Hello 1989.) I tested the method out and ended up loving the results.

The base for the plate is foam core. You then squeeze your design onto the foam core (I drew mine on the foam first) and let it dry. Once the puff paint is dry, coat it with a layer of gel medium, just to protect the paint and foam from absorbing any of the ink/paint you print with.

...aaaaand done!

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