February 25, 2008

"knitta please"

Before you think I'm sooooo creative and witty, I have to say that I did not, unfortunately, come up with that amazing pairing of words. In fact, my friends over at Penelopea blogged about them and I was instantly in love... mostly because of the name. I mean, I am a knitter by NO stretch of the imagination, but in my dream life, I knit tons of cute thing for my friends with babies and floppy beanies that I use to cover up my ratty hair. Until this dream becomes a reality (I'm not holding my breath) though, I will admire my knitting friends and the kids over at Knitta Please.

Below are pictures from a permanent instillation at the school where I teach. Our School Director is an incredible knitter and made these for the school last year. Ridiculous, right?

{My sweet little room and one of our vegetable gardens in the background.}

Go and check out the girlies at Penelopea. You'll want to pinch their little cheeks they're so cute.


alexandra said...

seriously, too kind. i'm glad you also found their name hilarious and witty. when i stumbled upon it, i was pretty sure it was the jackpot of all things knitting. oh, and the installation at your workplace is ridiculously amazing. can you imagine being a first-time visitor and noticing the tree is wearing branch warmers? amazing.

Meredith said...

Oh my goodness, you are so sweet Chelsea. I've been dying to talk with you about your school and teaching art there! I am an art major right now and I aspire to do exactly what it is you do right now with those little kiddos - well that an a million other things - but i love art and i love kids so it seems to be a perfect match! How did you get started? Do you teach them all on your own, or do you have a little team? oh, so many questions! haha. anyway, thanks for the little nod to us, and i can't wait till one day we all meet! also, i've heard about the adorable apron you're whipping up for, ahem, our friend, i can't wait to see it, it sounds scrumptious. and, i almost forgot, congratulations on getting engaged! sooo exciting, isn't it? you need to keep us updated on all the wedding craftiness that i'm sure is going on!

Becca said...

Hi, I found your blog via etsy, and just wanted to say hey! I hate when I don't know who's reading MY blog, so I figured I'd introduce myself :)

I had emailed you a while back about getting an apron, and never followed through. One day I'll order one, as aprons are an addiction for me. :)

Take care! I'll be checking in on your blog, I love to spy on crafty gals! Can't wait to see more pics.


alexandra said...


you're before your time, my friend!
YOU should be working for free people