February 27, 2008

lots and lots of 'drawlings'

Remember putting an "L" in the word drawing?
Though that might be a biased question, seeing as how I was seven before I could say my "R"s well.

Anyway, we've been doing a lot of drawing lately.

{These are three-year-old boys drawing flowers after we talked about Georgia O'Keeffe's work.}

{A finished O'Keeffe.}

{This might be one of my all time favorite pictures. That's a self-portrait and, ahem, not a goatee between his legs. Ha!}

1 comment:

alexandra said...

so i know this was posted a LONG time ago, but sometimes, in class (oh, wait... all the time) we browse the internet on my computer ever so slyly.

well, lets just say, our cover was blown when i showed the last little drawing and the caption on it to a friend of mine in class.

freaking hysterical. soo funny.