February 23, 2008

one down, one to go

My sister.

My LITTLE sister got married this past weekend.

As soon as I have any images I'll be sure to post them because she looked like a drop-dead-gorgeous Barbie doll.  Or as one of the groomsmen said, "an angel."  Yeah, that's probably a more accurate description...

Until I do though, here are pictures of their cupcakes.  Though she'll be the first to admit that she pretty much has no interest in anything "crafty", I have to applaud my sister's moss setup.  Though the remnants still aren't fully vacuumed out of the rug, she did a great job preparing a pallet where these sweet little treats could sit. 

{If you're in the Nashville area and in need of some scrumptious sweets, be sure to check out the bakery that made these creations for the wedding, Frostings.  Here's one of the cute girls that helps run the place:  maplesugardesserts.typepad.com}


alexandra said...

oh my goodness. this *ALMOST* makes me wish i hadn't already gotten married... ideas such as this beautiful thing. you hughes girls..

alexandra said...

so, i'm still obsessed. i checked out cupcake places in my area. and there is one cute one, but NOT as cute as the wonders you hughes girls can do. anyway... i wrote a post about cupcakes and linked over to you [again] ha. gotta love it.