February 27, 2008

sister winter, vol. III

.: good morning sun :.

Aren't these the most precious things you've ever seen? (Well, outside of a newborn baby and dollhouse furniture... all of which might be more "precious" than these... anyway...)
They were a Christmas preset to Tec, and they're yet another reason among the litany of others that I'm thrilled we're getting married. Soon, we'll have joint-custody of these sweet little numbers.
{PS-How cute is my soon-to-be-husband? I mean, he has a yellow kitchen and white table, for goodness sake.}

Oh. I nearly forgot...

More snow this morning. Beautiful, fluffy, Southern snow.

{I wish everyone knew the personalities that accompany these snow balls. They all make perfect sense.}

One of the 8-year-old boys described the snow as "flocks and flocks of little white doves..." I hope this warms your hands and your hearts.

{Happy Wednesday. Bless and be blessed.}


..::Becca::.. said...

Indeed, you're a lucky, lucky gal. Yellow walls... :)

If our decor were up to my hubs, our house would be gray, brown, and plaid. From Ikea. And lots of sports paraphernalia. And military stuff. And a TV that took up the entire wall with the movies Run Silent Run Deep, The Hunt for Red October, and Patton on repeat.

It's endearing.

rebekka said...

WOAH! Those snowmen are quite an accomplishment! I was so excited by our little snow...but I didn't even see enough to make those! You're good.