March 4, 2008

let's go where the grass is greener....

It is a gross day in Music City USA today.

The clouds are hanging low, the fog is thick, and the rain isn't steady enough to be predictable. It's the type of rain that starts the minute you step out of your front door without a raincoat or umbrella.

But oh, how I complain. The point is, the warm temperatures and this rain have led to a few silver linings. One of them is the daffodils have have sprung up in the most random places around town! I think I love daffodils so much because they are synonymous with Easter and because they look like they're made from crepe paper. I'm pretty sure some of the ones I've seen lately are... Another silver lining are these patches of clovers and weeds that are popping up in seemingly ever corner and crevice. This sweet little patch surprised me on my way into work today...

I love how bright everything looks on a dreary day. There's color theory behind it, but I can't put my finger on the reason right now... Stay tuned for an edited update.

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Sarah said...

Call me a facebook stalker, but I found your blog via FB and here I am commenting. I love reading blogs of people that write like they talk. It's much better that way. I hope you are doing well! I can't believe your LITTLE sister is married and you are engaged. Whoa.

~Sarah Norton (as if you'd forget?)