April 24, 2008

ding-dong bells, pasta, or...

...paper flowers.

The only day or event ever celebrated as a community where I teach is the Summer Solstice. {What a bunch of hippies.} However, because of our Spanish Immersion program, it seems to be acceptable to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. (Yeah, I'm still trying to rap my brain around it, too. I can understand religious holidays, but no Valentines Day, no St. Patrick's Day, no Arbor Day... but Cinco de Mayo?)

Anyway, to help prepare for the festivities, we've made paper chains, papel picado, and now paper flowers. For my girls over at Penelopea, I wanted to share the kids ode-to-Martha rendition of the flowers.

Sweet as pie.
{Not bad for 4 and 5-year olds, huh?}

{This picture reminds me of a bad bridal portrait. You know, like with the bride's face in the middle of her bridesmaid's bouquets? Eesh. }


alexandra said...

ooooh chelsea. love them. this is so cute.

i think it's hilarious that the only holiday you can celebrate is cinco de mayo! haha...

thanks for the mention, you know i love those lovely things.

rebekka said...

I love those flowers and your photos are so great!