April 29, 2008

family ties

Part of being the mother-of-the-bride is helping out with the mundane, mindless details of a wedding. Of course there are other responsibilities, too, but my mom has been the most help when she picks up where I don't want to; the number of chairs, the size of tables, the price of port-o-potties... yeah, even that. Oh yeah, and when she reminds me that this is all for the marriage, and not the wedding...

Not surprisingly, fathers-of-the-bride get left out in most equations. Yeah, OK, so they walk you down the isle. I guess that's enough work for them. I mean, they're entrusting their daughter to another man's care and protection.


Anyway, I guess that gift wasn't enough for my dad. On top of giving his daughter away, he gave his time to calligraphing not just my 300-something envelopes, but my sister's 300-something envelopes. {I know, right. How cool is my dad? Most mom's get dishtowels and Tupperware and hand held vacuum cleaners for their anniversary's, birthdays, and holidays. Not my mom. He even calligraphied their wedding vows for their 25th anniversary. Which, by the way, were from Kahlil Gabran's words on marriage in The Prophet. What a bunch of tree-huggers...}

Amazing and perfect and an enormous gift. Much, much love.

{PS--Let me know if he can help you out with a gift or your own invitations!}


..::Becca::.. said...

What a creative family!

Your kids will be prodigies. ;o)

alexandra said...

ha, seriously. and your DAD? most dads are famous for their bad handwriting!! ha. i love it.