April 4, 2008

mums the word.

I love mums. I love how bright they are. You can have my heart with a bouquet of Yoko Ono mums. (AKA 'green button mums'... but Yoko Ono is so much cooler... ew, ew, ew. I'm sorry I probably just seared that image in your brain.)

My soon to be husband moved into the loft we'll be living in once we're married. Here are my touches of fem. Eat your heart out, Suburbs.

{We bit the bullet and purchased an adult table. I mean, come on!}


alexandra said...

oh my goodness, chelsea. your guys' new place is going to be amazing. can't wait for more glimpses! :)

..::Becca::.. said...


Naked John Lennon = :(

I love your little touches. Those hooks are too cute.

rebekka said...

Oh my goodness, beautiful. And yes, that image was SICK! haha. Which lofts will you be living in? That's so exciting!