July 17, 2008

almost a petaja

Our wedding photographer, Jose Villa, was gracious enough to do an impromptu engagement session a few minutes before our rehearsal dinner.  You can go to sweet Jose's blog to see more of our engagement pics.  Stay tuned; our wedding images should be up within the next few days!


{ Becca } said...

Love them! Y'all are too flipping cute.

So, was it weird for Tec to use another photog? I mean, not weird, but you know. Obviously he has his style. I've always wondered that, like when hair dressers get their hair done, who do they like? Or where do docs go to the doctor.

I'll shut up now :)

buchi said...

i love your rehearsal dinner dress and your wedding dress. was wondering if you would be so kind and share who makes them! thanks much!

chelsea said...

thanks buchi! i love them both, too! the rehearsal dinner dress was made by my grandmother for my mom to wear at my folk's wedding reception... back in '78! my dream wedding dress is the larissa, by claire pettibone... my all time favorite. thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

You had the most amazing wedding!