August 27, 2008

Fancy Miss Fiona

This lovely lady is a reserved piece for a bride with a love for vintage and lace. And I mean, heck, I felt prettier by just putting Fiona on to take a picture!

EDIT: I've had several inquiries about the price of this piece. Honestly, it depends on the vintage lovelies that are used. The price can range from about $35-45. Let me know if you're interested!


Emily@oncewed said...

Chelsea, you amaze me! Please keep posting more of your work...I love seeing your new pieces!!!

JennaC said...

Hi! How much would something similar cost? I love this!! Exactly what I'm looking for to put on after I take off my veil. My wedding is October 11.

hi i'm abany said...

ooolala!! is that one of those fancy buttons from the flea market that i see peeking out from under there??

gorgeous as always, beautiful artististry and very original. you've set this bride-to-be up well!

Blair Van Bussel - So Cal Photographer said...

ahhh! Oh man, this is BEAUTIFUL!
I SERIOUSLY need to get in touch with you about a piece i want to have made for my Trash the Dress session coming up. All of your work is ahhhdorable!! :)

Lorena said...

UNREAL Chelsea! It looks stunning!