August 25, 2008

new day, old way

Today was the first day back with kids. Helllllllooooooo! Talk about a wake-up call. The work and the kids were so wonderful, though. It really didn't feel like "the first day of school", but more like any ol' Monday.

Here's some work from our first day.

{These paint chips were painted by the Lower Elementary classroom, which has kids from 6-8 years old in it. After a refresher course on the color wheel, they mixed the primary colors together to get secondary colors. Next time we meet, they'll trace a triangle of the circle and glue it to a template of the color wheel. The last step is for them to label the colors--in their best cursive, of course.}

{This is a color wheel the 11-14 year olds completed today. They not only mixed the primaries to get the secondaries, but they mixed the primaries with the secondaries to get the tertiaries! Big, big work I tell 'ya. Big.}


Kiki said...

my what patience you must have to work with the little ones :)
I cant believe its already back to school time.. but yay! for fall which is almost here!

hi i'm abany said...

this is SOOO precious, chels!
these are some of my most favorite parts of your blog! Along with you gorgeous handy work you throw at us!! but i get more excited about what could possibly have happened at your school day than i ever was in any of my art classes!! (and i LOVED my art classes...) haha

keep it up. gorgeous as always. and drooling to see more.

vixen mae said...

I painted the Middle Elementary HG&D boxes today and thought of you and the color wheel work (one's purple and one is orange).

Anonymous said...

oh how I wish our daughter's Montessori had an art program like this!!! I wish I knew how to approach art education with my children, because I don't think they are getting enough of it ( they are almost 2, and just turned 5).

I love that you are a Montessori teacher, LOVE Tec's photographs, and found my way here from your amazing wedding posts on oncewed...