August 15, 2008

{vintage pin and buttons for hair pieces}

After visiting the overwhelming Second Life Thrift store here in Nashville, I walked (well paid) away with some really wonderful treasures.  I'd like to reserve these ladies for custom hair pieces, so if you'd like to own some or all of them, let's talk!  

All of these pieces are in impeccable condition; not one is missing a rhinestone, bent or rusted.  
{You'll be the swan of the ball with this not-so-ugly-duckling nesting in your hair.  I can envision her with some really lovely feathers and maybe a twig or two...}

{The previous six lovelies would make a blushing bride sparkle!  Again, paired with flirty feathers or flowers, you'd be the only lady in the world with these jewels adorning your head.  As pictured above, there are four of one kind of button and two of the other.  I don't know where these vintage buttons came from, but I do know that whoever gave them up... is crazy.  Ha.}


Kiki said...

what adorable hair pieces. and I agree whomever got rid of them is crazy!
ps this is my first time reading your blog, I just happened to stumble upon it while reading other crafty blogs today, but Ive bookmarked it! I love your stuff!

{ Becca } said...

Girl, I could spend DAYS in a good thrift store! I just bought a looooooong strand of pearls and cute old skool horse plaque at one. Horse plaque?? Yep!

Love those buttons. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Ciao, bella!

Lindsay & Nate said...

I LOVE your stuff!! I am getting married next June and am very interested in ordering one of your hairpieces with a vintage pin/button. Please let me know what info you need from me, thanks so much!

- Lindsay