August 5, 2008

what do old-fashioned names and hair accessories have in common?

So here's a little something I've had tucked up my sleeve for the past few weeks.  These darlings will be available on my etsy within the next week or so.  I hope you love these beauties because they're just dying to take you from Damsel to Dame!






There will be several more for sale on my etsy.  I will also have Russian veils (or Blushers) available to wear alone or with one of the hair accessories.  And as always with 'Oh my deer!', custom orders are more than welcomed!  

Love love.


{ Becca } said...

They're GORGEOUS! I've always loved flowers in the hair! It reminds me of one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs, Scarlet Begonias. I've got a rose that I wear in my little ponytails for fancy occasions, but I'll have to hit you up for one of those beautiful little numbers!

By the way, my cousin LOVED the apron! Thank you thank you!!!


Emily@oncewed said...

chelsea, these are beautiful!! i love "rosie"...

hannah said...

Found u thru once wed. Love your blog!

Sally said...

I LOVE these! Would love it with the veil attached... will check out your Etsy site for sure!

P.S. Found your site on Jose Villa's blog - your wedding looked amazing!!

MelodyS said...

Ms. Norma made an appearance!
I love her!