September 24, 2008

luckily, the bartering never ends.

When Tec and I enlisted the help of our friends for the wedding, we often bartered our skills with theirs.  Bartering feels so right to me.  I know it doesn't fit for all occasions, but it was perfect for the wedding in that it encouraged the community feel we desired for the day... not to mention it helped with the budget.  

Anyway, part of the bartering came full circle today when Tec shot Joy Williams, who sang at our wedding.  And then, to help me and 'oh, my deer!' out, Joy modeled a couple new pieces!  That pretty little head of hers gave the perfect home to Miss Idaline and Miss Bertie Ann, respectively.  I know the following images aren't the most beautiful or artistically creative shots, but they showed off the hair pieces beautifully.  (Check Tec's blog within the next few weeks to see some of the final images from his shoot with Joy.)

{Miss Idaline}
This little lady is fashioned with an antique swan brooch that's adorned with the most lovely feathers.

{Miss Bertie Ann}
"Hey, I'm the cutest headband ever.  My name is Bertie Ann.  
Nice to meet you."


{ Becca } said...

LOVE the headband! She looks gorgeous in it!

Emily@oncewed said...

I love the headband too. So, so pretty! I might have to snag this one when it goes up in your shop!

kristen said...

What is the link to your shop to buy headbands from?

chelsea said...

hey kristen... again! :) you can buy my pieces at, but these (and several others) aren't posted yet. i should have a large order posted up by the end of the weekend, or early next week. thanks for your interest!

rebekka said...

Oh my so PRECIOUS! It's been too long since I've been 'round here. You've got so much sweet stuff goin' on!


Kiki said...

wow, small world. I used to listen to Joy Williams CD's in high school. She's goregous. And I agree with you bartering does feel so right :)
Hope youre enjoying the FALL weather!

Joy & Nate Yetton said...

Chelsea! Your hair pieces added SUCH a flair to the photo shoot. (The makeup artist AND the stylist joined me in drooling over your handiwork!)
Thanks for letting me model some of them. I want to order one, too! Maybe three!
Tec is a freakin' amazing photographer. Loving the shots!

A. Latrice said...

Love the new pieces!! So sassy!!

Bertie said...

Miss Bertie and Miss Idaline... Dalina is the name of my lovely grandma... It was supposed to be Idalina (the Portuguese form for Idaline), but they misspelled it when she was registered... I thought it was lovely they were posted side by side!

nyc said...

these are so wonderful!! I cant waitfor some of these to be posted, they totally meet my autumn obsession of hair accessories and feathers :)