September 11, 2008

the new site is live!

The Husband's new wedding website is LIVE!  
Go ahead and check it out, ladies and germs.
Love love.

Below are a few of my favorite images from the site.  The last image is from sweet Miriam's wedding.


wrecklessgirl said... more thing, too. get this, meredith was also my very first test subject the second i decided i want to make this photography thing a real deal. she helped me brainstorm and go through inspiring snippets. okay, i'm done now.

your blog is adorable...and i'm such a fan of your designs.

blessings!!! <3k.

{ Becca } said...

Wow wow wow!! That's a stunning site! Boy, do I wish I'd known you 3 years and 2 months ago.
Congrats to Tec on the fabulosity!

Rebecca said...


Bertie said...

K. and I spent hours at his website yesterday!!! Lovely work!!!

By the way, did you see your gorgeous wedding was published here?