October 19, 2008

lovely ladies available for the giveaway on snippet & ink! {EDIT: and the bride's cafe!}

The post for the giveaway on Snippet & Ink is up!
Head on over there for your piece of the pie.

Also, any piece not won during the giveaway will be available for purchase on my etsy on Tuesday, October 28th. The prices will range from $25-40. Thanks!

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As I mentioned earlier, Kathryn will be hosting a giveaway of one of my pieces on her blog, Snippet & Ink! The giveaway will start tomorrow (Monday) and run through Wednesday. Just peruse these sixteen lovely ladies, find the dearling you'd most want, and comment on her blog--under the Oh, My Deer post--as to which one is your favorite!

{I'm posting these a day early, and as soon as Kathryn begins the giveaway, I'll include a link over to Oh, My Deer's specific post to make getting there just a hint easier.}

{ Miss Betty }

{ Miss Beverly }

{ Miss Doris }

{ Miss Erma }

{ Miss Evelyn }

{ Miss Irene }

{ Miss Lola }

{ Miss Loretta }  
.: edit--won in the Snippet & Ink giveaway! :.

{ Miss Lucille }

{ Miss Lula Rose }

{ Miss Marilyn }

{ Miss Myrna }

{ Miss Nina Lee }

{ Miss Phyllis }

{ Miss Viola }

{ Miss Wanda }


Bertie said...

They are all utterly gorgeous, Chelsea!

alexandra said...

ohmygoodness, chelsea... you have been BUSY and these are BEAUTIFUL!

lillyella, uniquely you said...

how the heck am I supposed to decide between all these!!! But I surely cant wait to pick the perfect one for when I get married next fall!!

rebekka said...

Oh my gosh, chelsea, they just get more and more beautiful!!!!

Hey, I wanted to ask you about an upcoming artist/craft/food fair I'm helping plan in East Nashville next month. Can you email me at Manleyandrebekka@mac.com?


Carolyn Clark said...

YOU ARE SOOO talented!! I love every piece.

Loopy said...

Stunning! Simply Stunning! ...even if I don't win, I'll be saving your etsy shop for my June wedding!

{amy lynn} said...

just beautiful. i want to attempt to make my own..but after seeing these i doubt i can compare.

lillyella, uniquely you said...

I made a decision and chose MIss Lola!

Anonymous said...


{ Becca } said...

My fingers and toes are crossed. These are gorgeous, girlfriend!

Meghan said...

Wow, these are amazing! I absolutely love your work!

Lisa said...

These are so Beautiful, I just love them!!!

Aevan Arts said...

Lovely!!!! I love the photography too, these are absolutely gorgeous!

art said...

these are so fabulous! I just need to find a guy, plan a wedding and then I will be all set for your lovely Miss Lula Rose! I get bridal orders each month, so i will be sure to tell my customers about your stunning hairware :)