October 24, 2008

.: tie the NOT! :.

Talk about ambitious... and awesome!

Callie over at Achor & Eden, along with help from Abany at Brown Linen & Co and Joy Thigpen at Rocks from My Pockets, are throwing the bridal event of the season--The NOT Wedding. The concept and the details are so over the top, that I would be doing them a disservice if I tried to explain it my self... so I'll leave it up to them:

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{The invitation I've designed for promotion of The NOT Wedding.}


Callie Murray of Achor & Eden Photography and Atlanta's most trendy and exclusive wedding vendors.
A mock wedding and reception, complete with guests and a wedding party to showcase the trendiest concepts donated by event vendors and sponsors.
Opera, a renovated opera house turned into Atlanta's hottest night club and event venue.
Sunday November 16, 2008
Cocktails begin at 4:00pm, Ceremony begins at 5:00pm, Reception begins at 6:00pm
This actual wedding will shake up traditional trade-shows and create a bridal buzz in Atlanta. The event provides onsite access to the newest trends provided by Atlanta's most exclusive wedding vendors. Specials offers and amazing prizes will be raffled to guests.

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Yes, it's true. How incredible does it sound?!
I am honored enough to be both their invitations and hair accessories vendor! My work will be displayed throughout the night on the waitresses, the brides (yes, brides plural) and within the menu cards and various invitations. I'll be sure to keep you updated as the event draws nearer, but I thought this would be a juicy post for all of you that love following links.

PS--Aside from their website, they have a fledgling blog! Go and show them some love!


Kimberly Julie said...

Oh my goodness, this sounds amazing! Opera is a beautiful venue (although I've only been there for drinking and dancing). I kinda want to go to this even though I'm not engaged... Maybe I can convince my wedding-planner-best-friend that we should go... ya know, for research!

{ Becca } said...

This is SUCH a cool idea. Dang it, I'm in CT. I'm telling my bff about this, she just moved down there. She'd love it.

vixen mae said...

Too, too cool! Congrats on being part of it. I can't wait to hear all about it.