November 12, 2008

oh, so good to see you again!

Long time no see. Long time no rest.

These past few weeks have been swamped with mostly Not Wedding goodies, so my apologies for not filling your eyes with sweetness from the students, or feathers for your hair.

We've been working on printmaking recently, and needless to say, I just have to share some of their wonderful work with you. For this dreary, chilly, damp fall afternoon, I'll warm your hearts up with some Styrofoam prints made by one of the 3-6 year-old classrooms.

{Before starting, I told them that I'd like for their prints to be Fall related. Most of them looked like these, with long-fingered girls and bald-headed boys walking in some really, pointy grass. I guess that's what Fall means to you when you're four.}


janna said...

Very sweet. It is amazing to workwith kids that still have that raw creative energy. I have been working with middle year students lately and needless to say I am a little drained!

Kiki said...

how innocent and adorable.
love it!
hope your NOT stuff goes well :)

Heather from the bar said...

That fourth one looks like a winter wonderland :)

kelli said...

so cute!!

..and glad you're back!

LA said...

How do you like teaching at a Montessori School? I'm about to get my degree in Education in May and I'm exploring my options :)