December 2, 2008

a cornucopia of news!

OK, maybe not a cornucopia, but a few good nuggets for your ears! C'mon... I had to throw in a Thanksgiving reference for you.

First of all, I'm both flattered and a little taken aback to let you know that I'll be participating as one of the "pros" of WeddingBee's PRO blog. The site was officially launched today, and you can visit it by clicking here! (Here's my first post! Fun, fun, fun.) There are tons of wonderful vendors, including my all time favorite hand-lettering artist, Betsy Dunlap. (Who was first introduced to me by my friends, the lovely ladies over at Penelope.) WeddingBee PRO will be a great resource for virtually any of your wedding needs. Again, I am just soooo flattered to be a part of something so exciting!

Also, in gearing up for the oh-so-present-Christmas-season, I've decided not to take any additional custom orders until after the new year. Seeing as how this is my first Christmas as a married woman, I want to be able to enjoy it as Husband and Wife, complete with the perfectly trimmed tree, homemade breads, and lovingly crafted presents. I will, however, be putting things up in the shop from time-to-time so that you'll still be able to purchase a lovely for your lovely if you so desire.

{If we've already spoken about your custom order, know that it's in the works and that each piece is being crossed off the list, normally in the order that they're needed. Thank you for your patience and desire to have your very own lovely lady.}

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. Love love.


.Becca. said...

SO cool Chelsea! I can't wait to read your stuff on there! :)

Everywhere I wear your headband, I get a million compliments on it. Seriously, a million. More, some days. :)

rebekka said...

Chelsea that's awesome! I can't wait to go check it out!