December 14, 2008

glitter, just the way mariah dreamt of it

Though I'm a firm believer in New Years being overrated, I still have the Romantic in me that imagines the husband and I, dressed in our holiday's best, shouting the countdown, and kissing at midnight while confetti rains down on us.  (Or maybe I'm just wishing we were Marisa and Ryan in the New Years Eve episode of the OC from forever ago... so what if I'm way behind on the times?  Those were the glory days.)

So for everyone else out there that inserts themselves into the lives of fictional, ludicrous television characters, I've made you a lovely or two for you to wear to your Newport Beach-penthouse-New Years Eve party.


paula said...

oh wow. your work is beautiful. now if only we weren't in bed by 10:30 on new years.

.Becca. said...

Oh, Chelsea... I have no words.

Amazing just doesn't cut it anymore.

LOVE them!

Ashley Rose Photography said...

Okay I must have one of your pieces!!! So gorg! :) Love them- i think I am going to blog about them tonight. Oh and just found your hubs work and its sooo inspiring!!!

Madejas said...

Just wear it in new year's eve? Impossible. I loove the red one. said...

Love love, Chelsea. You continue to amaze me with your constant creativity.

I LOVE Miss Astrid, by the way! :)

Carla Cavalcante said...

congratulations, your work is wonderful!!!
I love it!