December 11, 2008

meet the newest member of the 'oh, my deer' family!

I'm in love with these fabric flowers.  They're just so beautiful and dainty, and dare I say, etherial?  Is that taking it too far?  Anyway, here's the finished product of my first attempt at these, and needless to say, I'm sort of hooked.  And oooooh, can't you just envision them with some guinea feathers to make them just a bit more sassy?

These ladies were made for a friend's wedding that took place this past Saturday.  Luckily, Tec was the photographer, so I was able to bug him until I got the images I wanted to share with y'all.  The following are the lovelies in action, on the oh-so-stunning bride.

And--wait!  Do you recognize those boutonnieres?  They're the ones from this post, where a bunch of ladies got together and worked on them with the bride, making lovely, lovely additions to the suit... that never wilt!  Go figure.

{ Stay tuned to Once Wed.  Sweet Emily is featuring this wedding on her site soon!  And oh boy, is it a doozie!  Want a teaser?  The entire event was put on for less than $4,000! }


kathy said...

wow those are beautiful! are you putting them in your etsy store?

.Becca. said...

Her veil is gorgeous!

Love the flowers, they remind me of some I saw a J.Crew. Only CUTER, of course, because yours were surely sprinkled with that special Petaja magic dust. ;)

You should really put those on a headband and post it in your etsy store with the Title "Reserved for Becca" so I can purchase.

How ARE you, anyways?? :)

{amy lynn} said...

jeez lou-eez. those are freakin' bee-utiful. for serious.

i'm obsessed with your beautiful things and am ever so proud you are from nashville! i'm attempting to make my own hair flower things...but i'm an idiot..and i have a feeling i will be hitting you up after the new year.. :)

Heather from the bar said...

They are absolutely gorgeous! I may have to order some of those for my maids... hmmm

paula said...

so gorgeous! i love having a hubby photographer for this very reason. the pics are amazing!

disa said...
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