December 28, 2008

:: merry, merry, merry christmas ::

{ Three days late. }

I was home visiting with my family, laughing at our habit of ridiculous gift giving over lunch one day, when I received an email from Rebecca asking about past, present (pun intended), or future "great gifts."  I couldn't believe the coincidence and immediately knew what I would write about.  Unfortunately (and two and half months later), I sent her the post four days before Christmas, so it never got its spot on her beautiful blog.  By then, that sweet soul was probably long gone and celebrating the holidays with gingerbread and eggnog and far, far away from her computer--like she should be.  Anyway, I thought the post still needed some love, so here goes.  I hope y'all have been loving one another well and gearing up for 

My family has always put great thought into gift giving.  It was clear from the beginning that there is joy in giving.   It doesn't necessarily need to be big and over the top (though my most memorable present has to be my Barbie Convertible, circa 1989); it just has to be given with love, thoughtfulness, and joy.   

My most fond gift giving experience is probably so because it happened so frequently.  No, not because it happened only at Christmas or only on a birthday... but pretty much once a month or so, for about a year.  Around the age of six, my younger sister, Jordan, and I got into the habit of wrapping up gifts we knew our parents would love.  How did we know our parents would love them?  Because they were articles of clothing they already owned.  Never mind that they'd bought the clothes with their money.  We were giddy at the thought of them unwrapping a box and squealing with delight when they saw the shirt they'd worn last Tuesday... and the Monday before... and the Thursday before that... wrapped in gold tissue paper.  They should have won an Oscar for their performances.  But how precious of them to make us feel as though we'd given them something so useful, something so desired?
And I'm almost positive the sweater my dad is wearing in the accompanying photo was one of the more often re-gifted items in our home.  I mean, come on!  It's a cobalt blue v-neck that just calls to his early 90s mustache.  What could be a more perfect gift?

{ Christmas, 1989, with the family.}

{ Petaja Wedding, 2008, with the family.  New husbands--and parents that look younger now than they did 20 years ago--included. }


Silvia @ Beau-coup said...

That is an awesome story! I definitely remember doing something similar for my parents. If only gift giving were as easy now! By the way, your wedding to Tec is featured on the cover of Southern weddings magazine! Here's the link:

Reed and Kelli said...

this story was so sweet! wow. love it.

...and your parents do look amazing!!

Two First Names said...

Those bridesmaids dresses are incredible! Where did you find them?