December 12, 2008

quotes on notes and backward s's

My classroom is connected to the Lower Elementary classroom by thin, accordion doors. Needless to say, it feels like one big classroom most of the time, but it really helps that I love both the guides and the children that are my neighbors. Anyway, I noticed while I was in there a few days ago that a very informative note had been placed above the recycling. Recognize that handwriting?

{ "Please wash your container before throwing it away.
Thank you so much." }

The best part about this note, other than the incredible phonetic spelling, is that the "so much" was added a few days after the note was put up. They must have felt like it was a bit harsh without it.

Well the note craze has spread, because this note was found yesterday, though I tend to believe it's a bit more dramatic. But what isn't dramatic when you're seven?


Lesley said...

You know that they are going to be the leaders for the next generation when they are showing leadership skills at the age of 7. How cute! :D

.Becca. said...