May 14, 2008

springing into action, part II.

So here's my second glue face of the year. I guess they're more common than I thought! I also thought that they might be the creation of the student, but they were just as surprised as I was to see that crooked grin staring back at them.

The countdown continues...

May 8, 2008

May 1, 2008

allow me to brag.

OK, OK, so I've already bragged about my dad and his ridiculous calligraphy skills...

but what about the man I'm marrying?

He's a photographer who pays the bills with weddings and music industry work, but he's recently taken a few 'lifestyle' jobs. In my opinion, whatever he touches is gold.

Here are a few from his most recent weddings. Wow, right?

{These images are from Polaroids. But the most important thing is... how much does the bride look like LeAnn Rimes?!}

Check out his blog to see his most recent wedding work... and pictures from our engagement! {Five months late.} You can go here to see his portfolio work & here for his wedding site. Overwhelmed yet?

Many, many hearts to you, Tec.