July 31, 2008

featured in "The Bride's Cafe"

Two of The Husband's weddings are featured in the inpiring blog,

{Bethany & Chad}

{Evan & Liz}PS: Liz is the Senior Editor for Health and Fitness at Real Simple magazine! Not too bad, huh?

July 28, 2008

"what ELSE have you been doing, other than being married?"


Well, here are two new projects for you to feast your eyes upon after such a famine of work from me.  The apron was created for Mrs. Becca's cousin.  This cousin of hers must be a woman after my own heart... sort of.  See, she's a hunter, thus the dear head on one side of this reversible apron.  I bet you can guess what I say to that... 
"Oh my deer."

The elephant cards are the front of baby shower invitations that I designed.  I love the image of the "daddy" elephant holding trunks with his baby... The couple the shower is being thrown for are the same friends of ours that I hastily made the Jude onesie for.  I'm crazy for baby Jude and I can't wait to meet my new friend.

Happy Monday.  

July 18, 2008

mr & mrs petaja

Mr. & Mrs. Tec Robert John Petaja

Again, thanks goes to our precious wedding photographer, Jose Villa.  Visit his blog for more wedding and engagement pictures... if you can handle any more Petaja wedding madness.

{I promise, I'll actually have some handmade items on here soon!}

{That last image is for you, lillyella!  Look at all your pretty wedding jewelry, in all her shining splendor...}

July 17, 2008

almost a petaja

Our wedding photographer, Jose Villa, was gracious enough to do an impromptu engagement session a few minutes before our rehearsal dinner.  You can go to sweet Jose's blog to see more of our engagement pics.  Stay tuned; our wedding images should be up within the next few days!

July 15, 2008

what would we do without the www?

{Talk about wasting time on the internet.}

...buuuuuut if you're even the slightest bit intrigued, go to wordle.net and have a ball.  I think my favorite part of ohmydeer's blog creation is the fact that I have the word "nugget" in my word jumble.

July 14, 2008

ode to franklin

While enjoying my morning ritual of coffee and cnn.com, I came across an article that named the best small cities of the US.  Hoping to find the name of a beloved city I've traveled to or grew up around, I continued to click... and click... and click... until lucky number 45 popped up:  Franklin, Tennessee.  Though I've only lived in Tennessee a little over two years, and I don't actually live in Franklin anymore, Franklin is where I moved to initially and where I spent my first year after graduation--in a brand new city, with a brand new job, and dating a brand new boy.  (That's what he looked like when we first started dating.  Not too different from now, but he definitely loved to shave back then... but I like my man with a bit of scruff on his face these days.) 

Needless to say, Franklin will always and regardless hold a special place in my heart.  Here's to you, Franky.   

{Image courtesy of www.historicfranklin.com}

July 7, 2008

is this why they call it wedded bliss?

tec & chelsea petaja
june seventh, two-thousand eight

{This film was shot by our friend Mat on Super 8mm film.}