August 30, 2008

snippet & ink is our friend!

Needing a wedding fix (what happened to me swearing off wedding blogs, dresses, jewelry--all things wedding), I headed over to the ever popular Snippet & Ink... and what did I find?  My Dearling's images in not one, but two inspiration boards!
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cute as a button boutonniere... finished!

Here's my first set of completed boutonnieres!  Yay!  I really love all things miniature, so needless to say, these are some of my favorite things ever!  It's like your own, personal, teeny-tiny floral arrangement... that never wilts!  Sounds like perfection to me.  

August 29, 2008

so this is what a friday night looks like?

With my Dearling out of town and with the first week of kids under my belt, I spent my Friday night getting crazy... with a hot glue gun and feathers and by eating ice cream straight from the tub.  Yep.  That's how nuts it was around here.  

{The above are mediocre pictures of the newest member of our family, Miss Olive Eugenia.  I'm left home alone with only my borrowed camera to show you these beauties.  When the husband returns home I'll be sure to get fancy-town pictures.  Olive Eugenia sits beautifully on a satin wrapped comfortable headband.  She's ready for a sunday afternoon picnic or a walk down the aisle.}

{Miss Edith is feisty!  I'd love to wear her with this outfit!  Prettier pictures to come.  I promise.}

August 27, 2008

Fancy Miss Fiona

This lovely lady is a reserved piece for a bride with a love for vintage and lace. And I mean, heck, I felt prettier by just putting Fiona on to take a picture!

EDIT: I've had several inquiries about the price of this piece. Honestly, it depends on the vintage lovelies that are used. The price can range from about $35-45. Let me know if you're interested!

{cute as a button boutonniere}

After the bride I'm working with geniusly suggested using striped ribbon as opposed to the ivory-yellow from before, I think we got a really gorgeous result!

if it weren't for those shoes...

Thanks to "Anonymous" who let me know that my feet, and more importantly, my shoes, were featured on a Snippet & Ink inspiration board again! Man, I tell you what, those $14.99 shoes have been a gold mine!

August 26, 2008

i'll tell you what's classier than satin and lace... lace, feathers and buttons.

Here's another mock-up of a possible boutonniere for a friends wedding.  
{Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're in the market for a similar one of these beauties!}

first is the worst, second is the best...

The title of that post has nothing to do with how the school day went yesterday or today for that matter, but it was the first thing that popped into my head. Maybe it's subliminal.
Aside from continuing the color wheel work, one of the Early Childhood (ages 3 to 6) classrooms visited me for the first time this year. We began the year with tearing paper and gluing. Again, really big work...

August 25, 2008

what's classier than satin and lace?

OK, well maybe in this case it's buttons and lace, but lace that looks like a doily... plus feathers. This is a mock up for boutonnieres for my friend's wedding. I think these are so lovely for the groomsmen, but I'm thinking the groom needs a little something more.
Stay tuned.

new day, old way

Today was the first day back with kids. Helllllllooooooo! Talk about a wake-up call. The work and the kids were so wonderful, though. It really didn't feel like "the first day of school", but more like any ol' Monday.

Here's some work from our first day.

{These paint chips were painted by the Lower Elementary classroom, which has kids from 6-8 years old in it. After a refresher course on the color wheel, they mixed the primary colors together to get secondary colors. Next time we meet, they'll trace a triangle of the circle and glue it to a template of the color wheel. The last step is for them to label the colors--in their best cursive, of course.}

{This is a color wheel the 11-14 year olds completed today. They not only mixed the primaries to get the secondaries, but they mixed the primaries with the secondaries to get the tertiaries! Big, big work I tell 'ya. Big.}

August 22, 2008

me? us? on snippet and ink??

A dear friend of mine sent me an email yesterday informing me that my feet were on an incredible inspiration board on the Snippet & Ink blog!  If you haven't checked Kathryn and her lovely blog out--even if you're not engaged--you should spend some time perusing her plethora of pretties!  (Please pardon the alliterations... ha.)  

what, wha, what, what, what's it all about

By the way, I intended for the title of this post and that last post to be read like the Beastie Boys would sing it.

If you haven't already, go and head on over to Once Wed for the conclusion of this week's feature on Oh, My Deer and all things Petaja wedding... and I do mean "all things."

Keep checking back on the stunning Emily and all of her Once Wed goodness.  Not only is her taste impeccable, but I'm positive we'd be the best of friends if we actually knew each other.

August 18, 2008

check, check, check, check, check it out!

Get ready to be excited... because I sure am!  Sweet Emily over at "Once Wed" graciously asked me to guest blog this week, and today she's posted the first of several more articles to come.  Stay tuned over the next few days to catch details of my wedding and information on "Oh, my deer!"... as if you guys didn't already know everything there is to know.

Love love!  

August 15, 2008

{vintage pin and buttons for hair pieces}

After visiting the overwhelming Second Life Thrift store here in Nashville, I walked (well paid) away with some really wonderful treasures.  I'd like to reserve these ladies for custom hair pieces, so if you'd like to own some or all of them, let's talk!  

All of these pieces are in impeccable condition; not one is missing a rhinestone, bent or rusted.  
{You'll be the swan of the ball with this not-so-ugly-duckling nesting in your hair.  I can envision her with some really lovely feathers and maybe a twig or two...}

{The previous six lovelies would make a blushing bride sparkle!  Again, paired with flirty feathers or flowers, you'd be the only lady in the world with these jewels adorning your head.  As pictured above, there are four of one kind of button and two of the other.  I don't know where these vintage buttons came from, but I do know that whoever gave them up... is crazy.  Ha.}

August 12, 2008

new items in my etsy shop!

Finally, huh?  The hair pieces are available on my Etsy for purchase.  And if you're a bride who wants a little something special for yourself or even for your bridesmaids, please feel free to contact me for custom pieces.

Happy Tuesday.  


August 7, 2008

summer time is the best time!

Hello, hello from sunny Mexico!  Tec is down here shooting a wedding... and I just came along for the ride.  Not too bad of a gig, if you ask me.  Anyway, I wanted to let everyone in on that since I will have limited access to the internet until we return on Monday.  I have received some really sweet and encouraging responses about the hair pieces, and I didn't want you guys to think that I've left you hanging!

Adios, mis amigos!  

And PS--Head on over to Once Wed to see a quick feature Emily posted of my hair accessories!  So, so sweet.

August 5, 2008

what do old-fashioned names and hair accessories have in common?

So here's a little something I've had tucked up my sleeve for the past few weeks.  These darlings will be available on my etsy within the next week or so.  I hope you love these beauties because they're just dying to take you from Damsel to Dame!






There will be several more for sale on my etsy.  I will also have Russian veils (or Blushers) available to wear alone or with one of the hair accessories.  And as always with 'Oh my deer!', custom orders are more than welcomed!  

Love love.