September 30, 2008

too pretty not to share.

This little lady is a custom piece for a Spring, garden wedding.  I think she'll fit the mood perfectly, don't you?

more for your eyes.

Tomorrow is October.  
Ummm, I'm sorry, what did you say?

So here's how the story goes:  Joy Williams wore a pice of mine in some images the Husband took a few weeks back.  Her future sister-in-law was interested in the piece for her wedding, but we both agreed that it just needed... more.  I think this little lovely is going to be perfect for their evening, dessert buffet, espresso machine wedding.  And without further ado, Miss {soon to be Mrs} Elise:

Also, sweet Sally over at Sea Studio sent me images she and her husband took of a test shoot in which the 'bride' was wearing Miss Benita!  She's even prettier than I could have imagined...

September 24, 2008

luckily, the bartering never ends.

When Tec and I enlisted the help of our friends for the wedding, we often bartered our skills with theirs.  Bartering feels so right to me.  I know it doesn't fit for all occasions, but it was perfect for the wedding in that it encouraged the community feel we desired for the day... not to mention it helped with the budget.  

Anyway, part of the bartering came full circle today when Tec shot Joy Williams, who sang at our wedding.  And then, to help me and 'oh, my deer!' out, Joy modeled a couple new pieces!  That pretty little head of hers gave the perfect home to Miss Idaline and Miss Bertie Ann, respectively.  I know the following images aren't the most beautiful or artistically creative shots, but they showed off the hair pieces beautifully.  (Check Tec's blog within the next few weeks to see some of the final images from his shoot with Joy.)

{Miss Idaline}
This little lady is fashioned with an antique swan brooch that's adorned with the most lovely feathers.

{Miss Bertie Ann}
"Hey, I'm the cutest headband ever.  My name is Bertie Ann.  
Nice to meet you."

September 23, 2008

happy tuesday.

I rescued this from my recycling bin.
Thank goodness.

September 19, 2008

my very educated mother...

The beginning of the year has been spent on creation accounts and our solar system. Here are a few examples of a recent project that dealt with the planets in our solar system. The students designed the paper with oil pastels and water colors, then cut out the shapes of the planets and taped them down. This afternoon I spray painted over the planets and when they were removed... voilĂ !

After working on the lesson with two classes, I think I can finally say the order of the planets from closest to furthest from the sun without mumbling "My very educated mother just served us nine--" and then stopping short of saying "--pizzas." Darn dwarf planet, Pluto.

{This one looks like it coincidently has the Milk Way twinkling above the solar system.}

September 18, 2008

new for you!

Since I haven't given much of an update lately, I thought I'd show you some of the goodies I've been up to!


Featured on Bridal Opulence Wedding Blog

Latrice from Bridal Opulence Wedding and Event Planning featured me on her blog today! And to top it off, she's a Nashville based planner! Go and head on over to her blog and show her some love.

September 11, 2008

the new site is live!

The Husband's new wedding website is LIVE!  
Go ahead and check it out, ladies and germs.
Love love.

Below are a few of my favorite images from the site.  The last image is from sweet Miriam's wedding.

September 5, 2008

how much do i LOVE snippet & ink?

Not only was another one of the Husband's photographs used on Snippet & Ink again... but so were we--all in the same board, right beside each other!  Come ON now!  :)

{This is one of my all time favorite photographs of Tec's.  I could just eat those colors.}

September 4, 2008

we saved this string for you.

{I guess it's obvious to even my students that I'm quite the scavenger.}

September 2, 2008

cute as a button... ok, that's old. what other pun could i use?

Here's the followup to a previous post that showed the mock-up of a friend's boutonnieres.  We had a fantastic "craft night" filled with good food, great drinks, and the best of friends.  

We all pitched in to make these beauties; I love how people who love this bride so much were all able to contribute to these little gems.  I'm also nuts about the variety each piece has.  Using the different lace for the flowers just happened that way (since I'd fouled up and not bought enough), but I think the end result is much more interesting than if we'd used the same trimming throughout.