November 23, 2008

to start your week off right

I wish you all knew my family.

Everyone is just so great, that I want to share the wealth. Since you can't, here's something to make you laugh. My dad and my sister aren't only identical personalities, but apparently they're identical twins, separated at birth, 30-years apart... and without all the baggage that would come with finding out your dad is your twin. OK, that got real weird, real fast, but all I meant to say is that they're so similar--from their dispositions to their looks. The following pictures were taken when they both were in {probably} the second grade or so. Every time I see these pictures side by side, it melts my heart a little bit. Look at those sweet, thin smiles.

I could just pinch them.

November 13, 2008

{ hey jude }

Remember the Onesie I made a few months back for our friends who were expecting? Well, Jude arrived, healthy and big on 11.11 at 9:08 am, weighing 9 lbs 4 oz at 20 inches long. Tec went to the hospital a few hours later to photograph the sweet nugget, and capture some sweet, sweet moments.

November 12, 2008

oh, so good to see you again!

Long time no see. Long time no rest.

These past few weeks have been swamped with mostly Not Wedding goodies, so my apologies for not filling your eyes with sweetness from the students, or feathers for your hair.

We've been working on printmaking recently, and needless to say, I just have to share some of their wonderful work with you. For this dreary, chilly, damp fall afternoon, I'll warm your hearts up with some Styrofoam prints made by one of the 3-6 year-old classrooms.

{Before starting, I told them that I'd like for their prints to be Fall related. Most of them looked like these, with long-fingered girls and bald-headed boys walking in some really, pointy grass. I guess that's what Fall means to you when you're four.}