December 31, 2008

...and a happy new year!

The darling Venessa is now the proud owner of Miss Leila, my New Years Eve inspired piece from a few weeks ago.  When I asked to see her pretty face wearing her new lovely, she came up with the brilliant idea, "a day in the life of Miss Leila and Venessa."  They must be scooting their cute selves to the farmers market for some last minute goodies.  I bet they'll put them in their perfect, wire basket.  These not so chilly pictures make me long for the California sun.  The high where we are today is only 17 degrees.  Baby it's cold outside.

I hope everyone has a safe and festive New Years.  And remember, if you have the chance, celebrate it like Marissa and Ryan did.  Except without the unknowingly murderous stalker in your midst.  Man, those were the good ol' days.

December 30, 2008

on the cover of 'southern weddings' magazine!

While Tec and I are on our two-week sabbatical from all things work related, we've tried our darnedest to stay away from the computer, email, phone, bla-bla-bla.  But after receiving this email from Emily, we had to investigate further:

"oh my goodness...i just saw you and tec on the front of southern weddings...congrats!!! you guys look exciting for you both!"

What?!  After immediately getting in touch with her, she informed us that our ugly mugs were on the premiere magazine cover for Southern Weddings!  We'd been in contact with an editor at the magazine, but after submitting our interview responses, we hadn't heard what they would be used for... well, viola!  

According to the blog: "You will be able to find us in Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, California, Iowa as well as all of the Southern states!"  So be sure to snatch up your copy of the magazine if you're lucky enough to find one on the book shelves.  And though the magazine won't be officially released until the 6th, apparently some retailers got a little slap-happy and have already put them out!  So, so fun...

When we're back in Nashville, I'll try to pick one up to share with y'all.  Let me know if you're able to get your grubby little hands on one! 

Much love, and a happy New Year!

December 28, 2008

:: merry, merry, merry christmas ::

{ Three days late. }

I was home visiting with my family, laughing at our habit of ridiculous gift giving over lunch one day, when I received an email from Rebecca asking about past, present (pun intended), or future "great gifts."  I couldn't believe the coincidence and immediately knew what I would write about.  Unfortunately (and two and half months later), I sent her the post four days before Christmas, so it never got its spot on her beautiful blog.  By then, that sweet soul was probably long gone and celebrating the holidays with gingerbread and eggnog and far, far away from her computer--like she should be.  Anyway, I thought the post still needed some love, so here goes.  I hope y'all have been loving one another well and gearing up for 

My family has always put great thought into gift giving.  It was clear from the beginning that there is joy in giving.   It doesn't necessarily need to be big and over the top (though my most memorable present has to be my Barbie Convertible, circa 1989); it just has to be given with love, thoughtfulness, and joy.   

My most fond gift giving experience is probably so because it happened so frequently.  No, not because it happened only at Christmas or only on a birthday... but pretty much once a month or so, for about a year.  Around the age of six, my younger sister, Jordan, and I got into the habit of wrapping up gifts we knew our parents would love.  How did we know our parents would love them?  Because they were articles of clothing they already owned.  Never mind that they'd bought the clothes with their money.  We were giddy at the thought of them unwrapping a box and squealing with delight when they saw the shirt they'd worn last Tuesday... and the Monday before... and the Thursday before that... wrapped in gold tissue paper.  They should have won an Oscar for their performances.  But how precious of them to make us feel as though we'd given them something so useful, something so desired?
And I'm almost positive the sweater my dad is wearing in the accompanying photo was one of the more often re-gifted items in our home.  I mean, come on!  It's a cobalt blue v-neck that just calls to his early 90s mustache.  What could be a more perfect gift?

{ Christmas, 1989, with the family.}

{ Petaja Wedding, 2008, with the family.  New husbands--and parents that look younger now than they did 20 years ago--included. }

December 19, 2008

"...andres, god, jeesis, kiersten..."

Here's to your last weekend before Christmas! I hope it's full of wrapping presents and staying warm. Though those of us in the South are shedding our winter coats and donning rain jackets. It's supposed to be 66 degrees here today! Bizarre.

{ Notice any star-studded names amongst this list of classmates? I found this in the Lower Elementary classroom and thought it was appropriate for the Christmas season. }

December 14, 2008

glitter, just the way mariah dreamt of it

Though I'm a firm believer in New Years being overrated, I still have the Romantic in me that imagines the husband and I, dressed in our holiday's best, shouting the countdown, and kissing at midnight while confetti rains down on us.  (Or maybe I'm just wishing we were Marisa and Ryan in the New Years Eve episode of the OC from forever ago... so what if I'm way behind on the times?  Those were the glory days.)

So for everyone else out there that inserts themselves into the lives of fictional, ludicrous television characters, I've made you a lovely or two for you to wear to your Newport Beach-penthouse-New Years Eve party.

MORE new lovelies in the shop!

So maybe I went a little crazy with headbands and guinea feathers tonight.  At least I married a handsome-bearded-photographer that puts up with my constant requests for pictures.   

This headband makes me want to want to wear a sassy, business dress and work in heels.  That dream would last for a day, and then it would become a nightmare.
Simple and sweet.  Warm up with Miss June.  This rhinestone headband is adorned with an antique brooch and guinea feathers.  I think this summer gal needs a home for the winter.
Wear this ribbon headband anyway your sweet little heart desires.  Miss Minnie is a black and white ribbon with guinea feathers and an antique brooch.  Doesn't she make you want to have an excuse to show her off?

December 13, 2008

new additions to the shop!

Here they are, ladies and germs!

Finally-finally-finally, I've gotten around to posting some of the pieces used in the NOT Wedding a month or so ago. These are just in time to be shipped out to some ol' dame for the holidays... or bought for yourself, without anyone being the wiser. Go and check them out!

I'll be back to working on custom orders after the new year. I hope you're all enjoying gingerbread and eggnog and everything else that only happens around Christmas.

{ Miss Rosalie }

{ Miss Gwen }

{ Miss Yvette }

{ Miss Hilda }

{ Miss Margo }

{ Miss Nanette }

{ Miss Estella }

{ Miss Eloise }

{ Miss Hattie }

December 12, 2008

quotes on notes and backward s's

My classroom is connected to the Lower Elementary classroom by thin, accordion doors. Needless to say, it feels like one big classroom most of the time, but it really helps that I love both the guides and the children that are my neighbors. Anyway, I noticed while I was in there a few days ago that a very informative note had been placed above the recycling. Recognize that handwriting?

{ "Please wash your container before throwing it away.
Thank you so much." }

The best part about this note, other than the incredible phonetic spelling, is that the "so much" was added a few days after the note was put up. They must have felt like it was a bit harsh without it.

Well the note craze has spread, because this note was found yesterday, though I tend to believe it's a bit more dramatic. But what isn't dramatic when you're seven?

December 11, 2008

meet the newest member of the 'oh, my deer' family!

I'm in love with these fabric flowers.  They're just so beautiful and dainty, and dare I say, etherial?  Is that taking it too far?  Anyway, here's the finished product of my first attempt at these, and needless to say, I'm sort of hooked.  And oooooh, can't you just envision them with some guinea feathers to make them just a bit more sassy?

These ladies were made for a friend's wedding that took place this past Saturday.  Luckily, Tec was the photographer, so I was able to bug him until I got the images I wanted to share with y'all.  The following are the lovelies in action, on the oh-so-stunning bride.

And--wait!  Do you recognize those boutonnieres?  They're the ones from this post, where a bunch of ladies got together and worked on them with the bride, making lovely, lovely additions to the suit... that never wilt!  Go figure.

{ Stay tuned to Once Wed.  Sweet Emily is featuring this wedding on her site soon!  And oh boy, is it a doozie!  Want a teaser?  The entire event was put on for less than $4,000! }

December 9, 2008

as if you haven't seen enough over the past 6 months...

Jose recently published a slideshow of our wedding on his site. And, he set it to a Ray Lamontagne song. And I mean, does anyone on the planet have a more distinct, amazing voice? Tec and I saw him--Ray, not Jose--while we were in San Diego about a month ago, and if it where physically possible, our jaws would have literally been on the floor throughout the entire performance. Anyway, go and check it out {here} if you need more Petaja in your life. Ha.

December 2, 2008

a cornucopia of news!

OK, maybe not a cornucopia, but a few good nuggets for your ears! C'mon... I had to throw in a Thanksgiving reference for you.

First of all, I'm both flattered and a little taken aback to let you know that I'll be participating as one of the "pros" of WeddingBee's PRO blog. The site was officially launched today, and you can visit it by clicking here! (Here's my first post! Fun, fun, fun.) There are tons of wonderful vendors, including my all time favorite hand-lettering artist, Betsy Dunlap. (Who was first introduced to me by my friends, the lovely ladies over at Penelope.) WeddingBee PRO will be a great resource for virtually any of your wedding needs. Again, I am just soooo flattered to be a part of something so exciting!

Also, in gearing up for the oh-so-present-Christmas-season, I've decided not to take any additional custom orders until after the new year. Seeing as how this is my first Christmas as a married woman, I want to be able to enjoy it as Husband and Wife, complete with the perfectly trimmed tree, homemade breads, and lovingly crafted presents. I will, however, be putting things up in the shop from time-to-time so that you'll still be able to purchase a lovely for your lovely if you so desire.

{If we've already spoken about your custom order, know that it's in the works and that each piece is being crossed off the list, normally in the order that they're needed. Thank you for your patience and desire to have your very own lovely lady.}

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. Love love.