January 26, 2009

the huz's work featured on project wedding!

Remember our gorgeous friend's wedding? Well the ladies over at Project Wedding (an extension of eHarmony!) have featured it as their Wedding of the Week! This is so fun for so many reasons; for one, of course this is an honor for Tec to be featured among his personal photographer inspirations (Jose Villa, Elizabeth Messina, etc.) on such a influential site. Also, Oh, My Deer (along with lots and lots of help from the crafty crew of the bride and friends) helped to design the wedding decor, flowers for the bride's hair, and boutonnieres for the groom and guy folk! I do need to mention that I, in no way, did all of the design and set up on my own. We had so much help from friends and family, PLUS the bride is crafty and has killer sense of taste. And to top it all off... the entire event was pulled off for around $4,000. Yep. It just took some finagling and favors to pull this sweet, humble and perfectly romantic celebration off. If there's anything that I learned from my own wedding it's that you've got to enlist the help of friends and family you trust. If they're people you'd feel comfortable asking for favors, they should jump at the occasion to make your day even that much more perfect.

That being said... Enjoy Project Wedding's Featured Wedding of the week, Melissa and Pete.


. Becca . said...

So, I think you and Tec should take a little trip out to sunny SanDiego this summer. We want some family pics taken in paradise, baby!


You can style us. Any suggestions for a cool look for a toddler :)

Nicole said...

aw, great post!

Fefi said...

Hi Chelsea, I can't find an email for you and I'd like to see if you're available to design my wedding invitations. My email is: stephaniejgarza@yahoo.com hope to hear from you soon. -Stephanie

Koko & Jason said...

hello. I'm a new Blogger..I love your talent and style. Thanks for all the fashion.creative ideas.
I luv!


Koko & Jason said...

PS. forgot to mention I did a lil. advertising for you on my blog. ; )