February 26, 2009

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
- Pablo Picasso

Its been a while since I've posted any student work, so I thought I'd cheer up an otherwise gloomy Thursday with some rays of sweet, sweet sunshine in the form of a painting or clay or collage.

{ Work in the manner of Andy Goldsworthy }

{ Geometry and Art }

{ Open Studio }

{ Geometry and Art; though when asked about it, the six-year-old told me that it was a water molecule, not Mickey Mouse. }

{ Self Portrait }

{ Foreground, Middle ground and Background lesson }

{ Pinch pots and Coil Bowls }

{ Open Studio }

{ Picasso Collage }


Inspired Kara said...

My favorite is the open studio one, and the pottery. love.

chelsea said...

I love seeing artwork from children! Thanks, this brightened my day!

Lesley said...

Wow, I wish there was a school like this when I was growing up! I would have thrived in so many ways!

Beautiful artwork!

Light and Writing said...

This is so wonderful! I love art from children! You must have the best job! Thanks for sharing!

Briony said...

how fun! i love your new header! so cute :)

leah said...

wow these are so amazing! ah, kids are great arent they!

Ten Thousand Only said...


. Becca . said...

So sweet!!

Love your new handmade header!!

pink cupcake vintage said...

hey chelsea! I think I met you with Nate and Joy at the market in east nashville! I love your blog and can't wait for more flowers in your etsy store so I can purchase! The mr. and I are getting re-married for our 5th anniversary and would love to talk to you about a headpiece!

Melodie at pinkcupcakevintage

Sally said...

Cute artwork!! And by the way, LOVE your new blog header!! Looks great:)

koko said...

kids are wonderful!

jenny said...

these are wonderful! i am a student at belmont with art education as my major, and i hope to work with young children after i graduate. this post made me so excited about my future job!