April 29, 2009

we're down from multiples to having triplets

These sassy ladies are some of my favorite lovelies yet. The west coast bride, who is getting married right here in green, balmy Nashville, wanted each of her bride's maids to have a piece that was congruent with one another, but with a slight twist to make each their very own creation.

The rustic-chic wedding will have punches of marigold and gunmetal gray, juxtaposed with the natural, rustic beauty of a venue with tons and tons of history. And of course, the guinea feathers just had to make an appearance in these pieces--I mean, come on; it's me we're talking about.


Briony said...

these are so adorable! i love the sunny marigold!

. Becca . said...

love the color combo!

Prim and Pixie said...

Perfection! I am thinking I need these for the bridesmaids in my BF's wedding. For the hair versus the shoes. What do you think? Can you do apple green and chocolate with the guinea feathers?

xo, Jen

Prim & Pixie

Anonymous said...

love it!


jules said...

Those are beautiful!

missyphotography said...

These are so cute and fun. Love them!