June 20, 2009

flower of fuchsia

My mom has the most amazing talent with flowers and plants and all things garden or lawn.  When we moved into our new home, she made three hanging baskets and two potted arrangements for our front porch.  Oh, and did I mention she drove 4 hours out of her way to deliver them to us so that we would have them for a party we were hosting for our brother-in-law?  Amazing, right?  

The baskets and pots are stunning; they're full of Elephant's Ears and Rabbit's Foot Ferns (which are, by the way, the creepiest/most amazing plant I've ever seen!) and my new favorite flower--Fuchsia!  It's aptly named and so delicate and droopy and dainty.  If you're in need for some pretty flowers for your pots, pick up these shade-lovers.