July 4, 2009

{ happy fourth, dearlings }

I hope everyone is enjoying hot dogs, swimming pools, cold beer, fireworks, friends, red-white-and-blue, American flag t-shirts, sunshine and their nation today.

PS--No, Tec doesn't have a bowl-cut in this picture. But yeah yeah yeah, I know it looks like he's rockin' one hard.


visualizelove said...

Happy Independace Day to you too :)

lillyella said...

you kids are so damn cute! I love how the background looks like a studio prop :)
happy 4th darling!

Eri said...

beautiful photo! am loving your blog :)

Miriam said...

you two. too much cuteness with this here photo. love it. happy vacationing!

kelli said...

too cute.
i cant even handle it.

carrie@urbanbaby said...

so cute. i'm pretty sure i'd like for you to be my personal stylist ;).

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