July 18, 2009

praise for the petajas

I married into an amazing family. I could go on for days about how gracious and funny and generous and inviting they are, but this post is dedicated to their creativity and their recent and noteworthy endeavors.

Shannon is Tec's beautiful mom, one of the best cooks I know, and hugs you and you know she means it. She's recently started a blog called Your Mother's Hands. It's going to be dedicated to all thing a mom does; all the things she loves to do: garden, bake, entertain, etc. Check it out and visit often; she's learning more and more every day about blogging and is pumped to share her goodies with you guys.

Jim is Tec's dad. He's patient and kind and slow to anger... and hilarious. I've been told that my dad describes him as one of the best men he's ever known. He's a project manager over construction sites in Michigan, and his company deals primarily with upscale renovations and buildings. They currently live in what they've said is their "last house" (since they've moved often and Jim builds each home) which Jim built with the help of family and friends.
The fun news about Jim is that a home he and his company worked on last summer is featured in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living! Tec and I were able to tour the home when we were there last summer and though they photos are stunning, they really can't do justice to the intricacies and details of this one-of-a-kind home. Check out this link to see this dream home in all its glory. Oh wait. Did I say "home." I mean, "guest house." Yeah, that's right. I want to be their guests all year round.

McKrai is Tec's youngest sister. Is that not one of the best names you've ever heard, or what? McKrai is always up for a laugh and a good time, loves people well, and is one of the biggest animals lovers I've ever met. McKrai is taking an enormous step and moving 20 hours away, to Denver, Colorado in a few months where she'll be finishing up her studies to become a Vet Tech. We hope she loves Denver for the two years she's there, but not enough to stay much after that.
Here we are with the 5th addition to the family, McKrai's amazing dog Bebhinn.

And then there's Ms. Shea, Tec's older sister. Shea is hilarious, outgoing and super creative. She, too, is soon to become a Yankee transplanted into the South like her little bro. Shea's moving to Winston-Salem, NC in the fall! We're pumped to have her only seven hours away as opposed to 11... She also recently started a blog that showcases her work with spaces. Yeah, I know "spaces" is a broad term, but that's the point. She works with everything from event planning to interior design. Give her some love on her new blog, Certain Spaces.

And I brag enough about Tec on here to go on any more. But if all goes according to plan, I will have some fun things that are very brag-worthy to share with you about him in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Happy weekend, folks!


Shannon said...

Chelsea, what sweet words. We are the blessed ones to have you as a part of our lives and the amazing wife of our son. We love our time with you and your sweet spirit. We are just wishing you and your parents would move north!! Again Thank~You. You are a gift from God.

Eri said...

What a wonderful post :)

esther lee said...

They look like such a special bunch!

Lee Beth said...

Hello. Just came across your blog.I think its really different and unique. I like it a lot. Feel free to come check out mine if you like.

Smarry said...

We are the blessed ones to have you as a part of our lives and the amazing wife of our son.

What a gorgeous idea, It's so unique and cute !

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