July 3, 2009

:: real wedding :: mallory & phil

Mallory and Phil are quite possibly the most attractive couple I've ever seen in real life.  Right?  I mean, come on--get a load of them!  They were married last fall in Fallbrook, California at the Beverly Mansion.  Though I didn't make a lovely for Mallory, I was able to make the boutonnieres for the gents!  I don't often make boutonnieres, so it was a fun diversion and I think these sweethearts came out quite lovely.  (You might remember them from several posts I featured them in back in the day.)

Tec was lucky enough to photograph this wedding and I ventured out to the Golden State with him for this sweet ceremony.  We made a mini-vacation out of it for ourselves as well!  When can you turn down a trip to the coast of California when you live in land-locked Nashville?


Briony said...

they are fairytale beautiful. i love the boutineers!

magpiesandmagnolias said...

Chelsea-I am so excited and floored to recognize one of my favorite artists as a client of Tec's! HOW STINKIN COOL. I have seen Phil in concert many times and his charisma is contagious. These pics are great!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

what an incredibly fun wedding. we love it.