August 24, 2009

sound the alarm

Today is the first day of school.

We started last week, but just with faculty and staff. Today, the students arrive and the real stuff begins. This week is one of my favorites, since it's all about acclimation, showing off that you learned how to whistle over the summer, finding your way through the classroom, and reconnecting with your "best friend"... all eight of them.

In honor of today, here's a little before and after for you. I'm proud of our art space: it's cozy and clean and just right for our younger students. I travel to work in the Middle Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle School student's classrooms; these tables and chairs become much too small for an nine-year-old, much less a 13-year-old.

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Do you remember the first days of school? Were they something you dreaded and faked a stomach ache for, or something you anticipated for weeks, picking out your outfit a week in advance and packing your backpack full of pencils and notebooks and binders, so that you resembled slow-moving tortoise?


Anonymous said...

I wish I were one of your students. You are sooo creative. Have a wonderful year!!

Katie said...

aw i miss the smell of art class!

Becky said...

I always looked forward to back to school stationery shopping! We often used to holiday in France and the supermarkets there used to have huge aisles devoted to paper, pens, folders etc. My sister and I would go crazy picking out our new things for the start of school.

Your photo of all the colouring pencils bring back those memories. Beautiful blog.

Aubs said...

great pictures! i can smell the paint and crayons.. mmm!!
i was totally the type to pick my outfit out well in advance :)

Misha said...

Great space! You have to show what your students come up with once the inspiration strikes!

Ambs said...

I teach 3rd grade and went back this week as well... I wish I was as organized as you seem to be!

Oh, and I was defnitely the kid who was SO excited just to get to use new binders and colored pencils... I still am!

The Design Boards said...

Looks like a place I would want to do an art project!

Beth Gales said...

Beautiful classroom!

Elissa Pugh-Arguello said...

Looks lovely Chels! (I have some Martha stuff to talk to you about when you have a chance...)