March 21, 2010

happy birthday sweetest sister

Birthdays, birthdays, March is full of birthdays.

Today is my one-and-only sister's birthday.

She's the best. Having a sister like Jordan makes me a better person; she teaches me to love better, judge less and laugh more. She is stunning, inside and out. Oh, and she can pull off any shade of hair you can imagine--the perks of being beautiful and a hair stylist.

To your twenty-fourth year: May it be blessed with health and love, my sweet sister.

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Byers Wedding. 2008. Oh So Southern Blonde Locks.

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Jordan and the precious Tony Jones. Brightened Brunette Locks.

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Petaja Wedding. 2008. Warming Red Locks.


ashley said...

happy birthday jordan!!

Lacie said...

happy birthday oh sweet jordan .. i miss my southern girls :)

homemade grits said...

you girls are just too pretty. hope she has a happy birthday! i'm a friend of christy chaffins. i met you a long time ago and found you through my friend kyle's wedding invitations. stunning!!! just wanted to say hello!

D&D said...

what beautiful ladies!

Dallas Shaw said...

she's gorgeous!