June 7, 2010

happy anniversary to us

Two years ago today, the Petaja family of Tec and Chelsea was made.

These past two years have been blessed with the joy of each other, health, friends, a home, work, beauty and lots and lots of love.

What more could a girl ask for?

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All images by Jose Villa.

Also, while we're all being a little nostalgic, here's our wedding video, too.

Cinemetography: Mat Kearney

Who, by the way, was married two days ago at the very same location as Tec and me! It was such a sweet near-anniversary present to celebrate a new chapter of life with many of the same people we'd celebrated with two years ago. Blessings to you two newlyweds, Annie and Mat!

Music, in order of appearance: Amazing Grace, Sufjan Stevens
(I love you) For Sentimental Reasons, Nat King Cole
Let's Fall in Love, Ella Fitzgerald
Get Up, James Brown

PS--How was this two years ago?


Celeste said...

such a beautiful wedding!!!

Anna said...

So lovely!

. rebecca jane . said...

Happy anniversary!

Lorena Mair said...

wow, Chelsea! Happy Anniversary!
It seems like a lot is going on in your life! So you stopped working at school? - now I am very curious what you are going to do next? Are you going to tell us? Can't wait to find out!

Whitney said...

Man. You two had the most beautiful wedding. I think I saw pics of it...the august right after it happened? I think...
Such a gorgeous couple.
(can't wait to see pics of Mat's wedding! AH!)

pink cupcake vintage said...

Chelesa everything is gorgeous! Wow..that dress! Matty and I are about to celebrate 6 years. Time flies!

kayce hughes said...

Happy anniversary!

Noemi said...

oh how incredibly sweet! I love all the pictures!

mrs. prevost said...

yea!!! congrats! you two are perfect people :)

rebekka said...

Two years already??? So hard to believe!!! Happy Anniversary!

李智淑 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Hi-Fi Weddings said...

SO SWEET!!! I'd love to feature your wedding on hi-fi weddings is it had a soundtrack to accompany the day :):)

congrats on two years and i wish you many, many more!

xox - ashley

lovisa said...

such a lovely wedding! What kind of flowers did you have in your bouquet? Is it white roses? Am getting married in august and don't know what kind of flowers to choose.. happy anniversary!

chelsea {oh, my deer!} said...

hi lovisa!

my bouquet was mostly peonies with a couple dahlias and roses thrown in.

blessings to you in your impending marriage!

You & Me::Love & Peace. said...

Happy Anniversary! So exciting!
Your wedding was so beautiful, and you are such a beautiful bride!

We'll be celebrating our one year as well next month. :) It doesn't feel like it's been that long either.
Now we get to watch 2 couples of our best friends get married this month and next, and your video reminded me of how excited I am to witness them wed. :)
Thank you for sharing!

Lane said...

Awwww happy anniversary!!!!! Those wedding pictures are just gorgeous and adorable I love them!!


Your mothers hands said...

We couldn't be happier than to have you as part of our family! What a gift you are not only to Tec but to all of us. We love you and Happy Anniversary!!

Kimia Kline said...

what a perfect video. thank you for sharing :) i just cant seem to get enough of the petaja wedding!

Danae said...

You both are so lovely! It looks like it was an awesome day. Happy "late" anniversary.

Carli said...

Your posts always remind me to be thankful for everything I have. Blessings to you both!

Anonymous said...


Happy Anniversary! It was a beautiful wedding!

Who made your dress and veil? I love them!