August 5, 2010

on a whim

Yesterday's high temperature was close to 100 degrees.
o n e h u n d r e d d e g r e e s
With the humidity factored in, the heat index was 115.

Yes. So to keep my mind and hands busy, I whipped up these little ladies. They're over in the shop now if you want to take one home with you.

chiffon, tulle and cotton fascinator
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cream chiffon and pearl headband on stretch gold sequin band
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rhinestone embellished headband on double stretch silver sequin band
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I hope the weather is more bearable where you are.
Who's ready for chilly nights and apple cider?


Whitney said...

Those are absolutely beautiful.
And our temperature is the same here (B'ham).
We've all been staying inside because if we step outside, we tend to melt.
Thank goodness for a/c!

Heather L. Lamb said...

you are SO TALENTED!!!

Reginasaurus said...

That first piece is spectacular and I want it for my wedding (whenever that will be). You are so beautiful! xo

Kellie Lutito said...

Love these sweet Chels! Do you come with the hairpiece too? You are just too pretty. Can't handle it.

Cath said...

So Divine! Down here in Melbourne its a cool 13c at the moment - we're rugged up enjoying mulled wine and cider :)

la petite coquine said...

You should visit SF-we're wearing sweaters and scarves! The new pieces are absolutely gorgeous.

chelsea {oh, my deer!} said...

la petite conquine! i was in san francisco last week and i was in scarves and jeans and i was loving it. i think that's why my transition into days that are 100 degrees have been so hard. enjoy it!

kyracross said...

beautiful. stunning.

Kristen @ said...

Those are beautiful!! I live in Nashville too and am ready for some more bearable weather!!

mandyface said...

perfect saturday morning swoon. much obliged.

koko said...

Simply beautiful! I'm with La Petite Coquine I'm from the SF bay too. Weather is crazy. = ) I'm in love with number 3