December 22, 2010

DIY :: easy-as-pie (or cake) bunting

Bunting by nature is easy to create--gather up a bit of fabric, a needle and thread and you're in business! But throw in my favorite material--felt, the lazy man's fabric--and NOW we're talkin'!

I've been in love with all these images I've seen lately of cake bunting but I've had no reason to create them. I'm crazy about the shape of the inverted-arrow in this post, so here's my take on it, incorporating the bunting all over our home.

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WHAT YOU NEED (to make about 10 yards of bunting):

- 20 sheets of 12"x9" felt / I used 10 sheets of red and 10 sheets of ivory -
- sharp scissors -
- needle and thread or sewing machine and 10 yards spool of ribbon -

Fold and cut the felt in 1/2 like a "hamburger"... as opposed to longways, like a "hotdog." (Man, if I were still teaching 4-year-olds, that joke would have killed! It's a standby favorite.) Cut the two pieces in 1/2 again and then cut each of those pieces in 1/2 so that you have 8 strips of felt. Then pinch one end of a strip and cut from the fold you just created down to the corner of the strip to create the V. Do this to all 160 strips of felt. From there you'll either hand stitch the pieces together by running an "over-and-under" stitch or you'll feed the strips through the sewing machine, laying the ribbon on top of each strip as you feed it through. (I made my bunting with my sewing machine.)

I kind of want to make this for all the holidays--pink and red for Valentine's, green and white for St. Patricks, pastels for Easter... I could go on and on!



LindseyBee said...

love that! so adorable :)
I agree, bunting for every season!

Rachell Taylor said...

I've never sewn a thing. But I'd like to sew that.

Rebekka Seale said...

So pretty!!!! Have you sewn paper bunting? Different pretty...possibly even easier. I hadn't even thought of felt! Amazing idea...

lyndsay said...

so cute!

felt really is the lazy man's fabric... i've made lots of last-minute things out of felt, including bunting, and a dog mask and a watermelon mask for halloween!