December 29, 2010

sparkly shoes under $150... mostly

With New Years Eve a mere two days away, what better time to go shopping for a pair of sparkly shoes? And yeah... I just realized this is my second post about glittery shoes. Are you surprised that my favorite movie growing up was The Wizard of Oz?

All but one pair of these heels are well under $150.
Can you spot the $325 pair without looking at the prices below?

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What's the most memorable pair of shoes you've ever owned? I have to believe that any of these would make my top ten list.


{BlueEyedYonder} said...

Love all the glittery shoes - so festive! My all time favorite movie is Wizard of Oz. There's no place like home, right?

I must have watched it a thousand times growing up. Of course it was a version my mom recorded off tv when it aired in the early 80's. It was jammed with oh-so-hilarious 80's commericals (which I memorized as well, haha!)

LindseyBee said...

you & me both with the Wizard of Oz! Was so excited when it was on TBS Christmas Day:)

I knew those Kate Spades were the expensive pair! they're lovely:)
have fun adding to your shoe closet

Sera Pie said...

I love these!

My heart goes pitter-patter for sparkly shoes. :)

mandyface said...

Oh kate spade, I love thee. I like all these other shoes too though! Great roundup!

Maria Elba said...

im going crazy over the knock your socks off heels! how lovely!!

MaieDae said...

I am loving sparkly shoes!! Thanks for the round-up, I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

Nuha Sofiyan said...

I've been oohing and aahing over sparkly heels but I fear what I'll think about myself in 10 years when I look at pictures haha. They are so much fun though!!