February 4, 2011

cutie pie : st. valentine's day

Though I don't think I've ever celebrated Valentine's Day in an über romantic way (I'm more of an overhead-lights-on-while-eating, comfort food and sweatpants type of girl), I do love everything that comes along with Valentine's day: shiny things, delicate flowers, good-smellin' pretties, cards to those you love and lovin' on people that know you well.

With that being said, today and tomorrow I'll be sharing a couple different takes on February 14th. Today's board is perfect for a night out with the girls, a night in with your gent or for no reason at all. Hey--I'm not one to judge glitter and pretty things.

So here's to celebrating St. Valentine's Day with nothing more than love in our hearts--love for friends and family, love for community, love for each other.

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1) "Can We Shall We" by Rob Ryan via Lottie Loves // 2) Paper Heart Garland by Upon a Fold via Lottie Loves // 3) Hearts Tights // 4) Sparkling Magenta Nail Polish // 5) I Heart Umbrellas // 6) Floral Heart Ring // 7) Chocolate "I Love You" Hearts // 8) Heart Shoe Clips // 9) Big Heart Over-sized Sweatshirt (Can we talk about how great this image is? No, I'd never have the guts to wear those short-shorts and have dark eyebrows and light hair, but this homegirl is killin' me.)



Mandi said...

Love all of these!

stephanie said...

Adorb, all of it. :) Love your blog!

Kristen said...

ah! I posted about those shoes too. totally amazing!

xo - Kristen