February 5, 2011

foxy lady : st. valentine's day

So this post was intended to encapsulate a night out with your man... but who am I kidding? The running joke is that I dress up more for a night out with my girls than I do for a date with my husband. Am I the only one?

So here's to feeling good, having fun and real love.

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1) Motel Marsha Sweetheart Dress (I really--like really--love this dress. I have no occasion to ever wear it, but if I did, boy-oh-boy....) // 2) Open Heart Ring // 3) House of Holland Bandanna Suspender Tight // 4) Kate Spade New York Glitter Emanuelle Clutch //5) RGB Nail Polish // 6) "Love You" Necklace // 7) Lancome in Absolute Rouge // 8) Dragon Heart Red and Gold Shoes


leigh said...

WOW. Everything is SO cute, but I especially love that dress & ring. I have to say I dress up more going out with friends too -- probably because my husband's favorite outfit on me is a white t and jeans . . .
<3 leigh

Anne Keane said...

really fun stuff - love the dress. I am actually going to a hockey game for Valentine's Day, and yes, I AM actually super excited to go. Would rather have nachos from the Garden than a fancy steak any day! Go Bruins :)

UNICORN said...

so cute! love the open heart ring. so delicate!