March 11, 2011

babies, books, bunting and...

Dang. I so badly wanted to use another "b" word.

This past weekend was the baby shower for the ever beautiful and creative Kellie of Edible Trampolines. The week before the shower, a bunch of us got together to create the decorations for the shower that could double as decor for little Isla Harper's nursery.

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The hanging books were the big undertaking, but only because they take quite a bit of time. But the process of folding the pages is so mindless that it can be worked on while you're indulging in your guilty-pleasure-TV. Here's how they're done:

Use a paperback book that's about 2 inches thick. Trashy "grocery store" romance novels are the perfect size. Ha! Play around with folding the pages in different ways. (i.e., fold all the top corners in towards the center or fold one page up and fold the next page down, etc.) After you've folded all the pages, rip the front cover off if you want to hang it like you see above. (If you want to lay the piece out as decoration, fold the covers as well and you're done!) Then, lay whatever rope or twine you'll be using to hang the books inside the binding and slather quite a bit of hot-glue in and around the outer binding and onto the rope. Then quickly, while the glue is still hot, wrap the book around the rope so that the outer binding fully encloses the rope. Voila!

Also, I want to give credit where credit is due:
The gorgeous terrariums were created by Kellie's sister, Desiree. If you're interested in your own custom terrarium by Des, feel free to email her at Also, a big thanks to the beautiful Missy for taking the lovely photos of the shower!

Happy Friday. Happy weekend. Happy almost-spring.


Em-Jae said...

Oh goodness! It all looks so positively magical. Love it.

BLISS! said...

i've wanted to make some decor terrariums for such a long time now. i really should - they are lovely.

everytime i look at your blog, i want to craft something right away!

thanks for the inspiration!

michaela @ bliss!

Sana said...

I can't even believe how gorgeous this is!

Kelly said...

Those books are so lovely! Well worth the effort!

sarah nicole said...

Bunting, terrarium, hanging books - I love everything that is happening here! So happy that I stumbled across your lovely blog!


Sarah Nicole

Lauren Hiser said...

i just did a post a few weeks back about terrariums. they are so springy and make a house feel nice! Your's is precious.