April 14, 2011

happy two-year, sweet home

Two years ago today yesterday, a tiny green house became our home.

We've had sweet and somber moments here:
We've cried a lot but laughed much more.
We've shared time with friends
and stayed inside all day.
We've planted and mowed
and ripped up and sewed.

We've tried our best to care for this home
and for each other.

And I said this last year, but it still rings true:
Happy two-years of being our home, Tiny House. We know you've had plenty of owners in your 106 years of life, but know that we think you're something special.

PS--Yes, our grass needs mowing.


jordan said...

it's super cute. i want a cute little house. lucky girl.

Shannon said...

We love your home! Thank you for sharing your wonderful cozy place not only with us but with so many. It is so beautiful and you have made it a home.

Ms. Habit said...

What a lucky, lovely home you have. Sounds like you make a perfect match. Love this photo.

LindseyBee said...

seems like the perfect home :) happy house-versary!

handmadeblayne said...

So sweet. Love the poem too :) Gorgeous.

Sarah said...

love your little porch! that's the one thing missing from my house.

ya said...

I looove your porch! I want a house like that someday.