April 8, 2011

lilacs + peonies

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Our yard is full of flowers and shrubs that are responsible for my love of Spring.  

Our 100-something-year-old home has bushes lining the house that remind me of my great-grandmother's back yard: they're big and drapey and tuck you in when you walk between them.  Our lilac bush blooms outside our dining room window and its fragrance needs to be bottled up for year-round use.

We have peonies, too.  A couple Falls ago, my grandfather and grandmother came across some peonies in a neighbor's trashcan who'd mistaken them as weeds.  They dug them out of the trash and saved them for our new home's yard.  Last year, when they should have bloomed for the first time, they were squelched by Nashville's flood.  So this year, watching them bud and begin to bloom has brought me such sweet memories of him, in the form of my favorite flower.  

Happy weekend.  Happy Spring.


Marian said...

Gosh...sounds so beautiful!! Makes me want to get to gardening STAT:) Happy weekend!

Sera Pie said...

How beautiful--that sounds dreamy!

Anne Keane said...

oh wow - you garden sounds (and must smell) delicious! love that there is a story behind it too.

I love that spring is finally here!


Shannon said...

Love the new look of your blog! Beautiful. And you know I love your flowers. And I love the story... Wish I were there to enjoy it with you..

{BlueEyedYonder} said...

Beautiful! It's funny how particular everyday things remind us of the most special people we have lost. It's great to have those special memories with us throughout the years. {Big Hug}

gg @ pink . gray . gold said...

gosh this sounds wonderful. lilacs remind me of my childhood too. very sweet memories. you are a lucy girl!