May 8, 2011

mother nature

Mother Nature is the goofy name I call my mama.
We're that cheesy.

There aren't words to express my love and adoration for my sweet mama.  I'll give it a try, but you'll only really know her goodness if you're able to spend time in her presence.

Her spirit is full of all things gentle and kind,
her cheeks are round with laughter, 
her heart is full of compassion and wisdom,
her ears are open to listen,
her eyes are wide with tears ready to shed for your joy or pain.

And yes, she could easily pass as Tina Fey's twin sister.

Happy Mother's Day mama / Deb / Deb Cakes / mamacita / Mother Nature / mom.


aimee said...

this picture and this post melt my heart. :)

patience said...

that is definitely a great picture of you and your mother

ShanShan said...

She is for sure all of those things. We love your mom and are blessed to know her. Wonderful words Chelsea. Well said.

nikaela marie said...



happy mumma lovin'

Marian said...

Absolutely love that picture!! Flawless

manda said...

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Erin said...

just found your blog, it is precious! now your newest follower ;) follow back if you'd like!

mandyface said...

what a sweet pic!

antique engagement rings said...

thats sucha nice photo... mother nature!